What to Expect From Military Summer Camps

Teenagers at tennis clinic - Royalty-free Tennis StockfotoParents often have a range of choices when looking for a summer camp for their children. One option that has started to increase in popularity is a military summer camp. This is usually a summer-long program that is run by a military academy. The goal of the program is to provide students with a memorable experience that is framed by structure and academic pursuits Padel Tennis Limassol. Parents choose this option for boys who might be interested in pursuing a career in the armed forces or who might require some exposure to the type of real-world environment that a military school provides. Boys who attend this type of program can expect to learn while also enjoying a series of fun guided activities.

Some of the schools that offer military summer camps understand that students might not be used to the strict regimens that are practiced throughout the rest of the year. Certain schools allow students to attend summer camp with slightly relaxed regulations so they are able to wear comfortable clothes in the heat. There are also more guided activities outside of the classroom that can help to develop physical fitness and an understanding of the world. Some military summer camps offer daily sports camps for football, golf, basketball, strength and conditioning, soccer, tennis and wrestling.

The educational opportunities that are provided by certain academies during the summertime can be much more comprehensive than more traditional camp programs. A small class size during the summertime means that each student can receive more personalized learning. This can result in assignments that are more in-depth since there is more time available. The topics that are covered can include standard academic subjects like science. Topics that are related to dealing with social and personal issues are also usually taught so that children leave the school with some of the confidence and resilience that military graduates are known for.

Children who are attending a military school for just the summer months can still benefit from the ideals and character skills that are taught during this period of time. The camp can instill the basic foundations that are required to eventually develop strong leadership skills as well as the character traits that are necessary to be an effective member of a team. The lessons are taught through discussion as well as outdoor activities that can show the concrete results of responsibility and perseverance. The summer activities can also help to keep students physically fit while presenting a number of challenges that can test the resourcefulness and problem solving abilities that have been taught.

I am a people watcher. I especially enjoy observing them at shopping malls and airport terminals. I realize that folks have always come in various shapes and sizes, but over the last couple years I have noticed a rather alarming trend in children: many of them are actually obese. I’ve recently read too that many of these children are being diagnosed with diabetes. The sad part of all this, in my opinion, is that it is preventable!

Play time is losing out to other activities, lessons, and classes-everything from karate to piano lessons, to Girl Scouts or ballet. Expectations are being placed on children to excel in all kinds of extracurricular activities, and they still have to do their school homework assignments.

All of this results in diminished unstructured play time. Children need time to play with other children to get social interaction. Socially inept young people are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and attention-deficit disorder in addition to obesity. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that unstructured play fosters innovation and creative thinking. Let’s allow our kids to be kids. Allow them to relax, laugh and play together for their health.

After saying all that, let me offer a specific solution: ping pong! Ping pong is a game that is fun for the whole family. It can be played indoors or outdoors. You can get serious about it or simply play for fun, no matter what the weather is. Table tennis is an aerobic exercise, so it is a good physical activity. You’ll find that your energy level will increase and your feeling of exhaustion will be reduced. If the electricity goes out, are your children bored? Boredom will vanish with ping pong! Table tennis will also foster healthy, friendly competition. I believe it will improve mental health as the blood gets flowing too. Why not start today to improve your health and the health of your children?

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