How to Flirt With a Girl – 3 Powerful Methods 96.2% of Guys Think They Know

Every guys thinks they know how to flirt. Everyone thinks flirting is a “piece of cake”. They then tried to approach a girl and get a cellphone number. She rejected him on the spot, embarrassing him in front of his friends and her friends.

After that incident, that guy would have the what I call the FIDS (Flirting Is Difficult Syndrome). Learning How To Flirt With Girls is simple. The thing is, guys thinks that flirting is all about just “Approaching a girl and get her number”.

That is where they are all wrong. By the end of this article, you would realize why 96.2% of the guys call girls in karachi who don’t know these 3 secrets fail when it comes to flirting. Little by little you would come to realize how do you actually flirt with girls and what are you doing wrong. Don’t fall into the 96.2%.

1. Talk like a comedian, not a professor – I have learn from many past experiences that in order to successfully flirt without getting rejected, you have to be able to take a lot and switch topics from time to time to get the girl be very interested in you.

Spice up her interest. Make her laugh. Make her smile. Make her want to know you even more. That is how you flirt. I have seen many losers who tries to flirt and talk to a girl till the girl is obviously uninterested and want to walk off so badly that she have to say, “Sorry my mum called, and I need to rush home.” Don’t be boring – that is the hard truth.

If you don’t know how to start interesting conversations with girls, start reading Steve Scott’s “Flirt Mastery” Guide. I have personally read it and I give it a 10/10 rating. It teaches you from how to start a conversation to successfully end it with whatever you want her to do (including sleeping with you. No shit)

2. Girls Needs Their Ego Boost – Many guys, or rather, most guys, thinks that girls doesn’t need any ego boost or are just so shy that they don’t feed their potential mates with the ego that they need. Guys, stop being so stubborn. To start flirting effectively with a girl, you’ve got to put down your pride a little. I would always see guys fail just because they miss out 1 word in their opening sentence.

“Hey, Can I Buy You A Drink?”

“Hey Pretty, Can I Buy You A Drink?”

The 2nd statement has 95% chance of being successful, while the 1st statement has a huge 99% chance of failing.

3. Be Confident, Overly Confident – When you start approaching a girl and getting ready to flirt with her, push your confidence level up to 500%, the more the better. You have to be THAT confident. The first impression is always the most lasting impression. Give the girl the impression that you are VERY CONFIDENT. Confidence is a giant magnet to attract girl. Period. If you don’t know how to start being confident the right way, again I recommend Steve Scott’s “Flirt Mastery”. It covers on how to start a conversation confidently, and make the girl like you instantly.


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